About Les Muses
Mission of Les Muses

Hawaii’s newest aerial burlesque troupe comprised of local performance artists and founded by seasoned burlesque and aerial performer, Mulan Rouge.  An intriguing blend of aerial disciplines including trapeze, silks, pole, straps, lyra, and more, Les Muses takes it beyond just aerial or burlesque and offers audiences an intoxicating blend of pristine technique and oozing sensuality.

Les Muses Aerial Burlesque provides all artists, especially women, with an environment of understanding, radical acceptance and self-love.  While society preaches that an individual’s value is found only in the “perfection” of their physical appearance, burlesque casts those demeaning beliefs aside and not only embraces but enthusiastically celebrates every size, shape, color, sexual orientation and personal identity.  Les Muses burlesque performers and students are empowered to freely explore their creativity and sensuality, finding strength and confidence in an art that redefines the idea of “sexy” and urges every individual to take complete power over their bodies.  Burlesque is not about stripping, it is about freedom of expression and owning one’s beauty on the outside and within.  It is about protesting societal norms that both objectifies women and shames them.  It is about teaching women to never apologize for their bodies or their sexuality, but to be proud and strong.  Les Muses Aerial Burlesque is honored to inspire artists to hone their talents and skills while also discovering the power of their identities and truly falling in love with who they are.

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